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I just learned how to publish my own blog so I can do them more often. Excited to share some news. I am working with my school and dance team to put together a program where we will run a dance camp for children from some catholic schools in the city. Our school participates in the Notre Dame “Play Like a Champion” program and my idea to have our sports programs each adopt a service program fits with it perfectly. Our Paul VI Dance Team plans to use our dance skills to help kids who normally wouldn’t get to dance to do so. We hope they can even join us in a performance. So exciting! Also working on an Arts Awareness week at my school and have written to Governor Christie to ask that he endorse it for the whole state of NJ. Finally got the good news that the Tap Residency program I helped start last year by partnering with the Lady Hoofers of Philadelphia will be able to run again this year. Another 60 children will get the chance to learn to Tap dance. So blessed to have such great partners, good luck and the good Lord in my life. Stay tuned as we keep advocating for the arts. Remember support the Arts Today and Create a Brighter Tomorrow! XOXO Gabi