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Meet Our Board


Wendy Ammirato

I am the proud mom of two very creative souls.  When raising my children I wanted to give them the chance to explore many things so they could find their passions.  When their creativity and love of the arts blossomed I realized that more important than natural talent was the gifts they received from the arts.  When Gabi’s dance teacher shared how she glued nickels on the shoes of children she provided free dance lessons to in order to create tap shoes it was a stark reminder of the inequities that exist in our World.  The idea for Access 2 the Arts was born because every child deserves to have access 2 the arts and to nurture their inner artist.  We hope you join us on this journey🦋🎼🌻

Josh has exhibited an appreciation for the arts since a young age – whether playing alto saxophone, taking art classes after primary school, or attending summer camps with strong arts curriculums. Josh believes the arts are a privilege each individual should have the opportunity to experience, in whatever capacity seen fit. Through work at A2TA, Josh is able to inspire & support in bringing that opportunity to the next generation of young people. Higher education consists of BAs from UCLA (‘19) & MS from Penn State (‘21).


Joshua Ammirato
(Officer of Compliance)


Gabi Ammirato

I’ve been immersed in the arts for as long as i can remember. Being a Dancer since the age of 3, starting vocal lessons at the age of 9, then picking up guitar & piano at 11+12, the arts run in my blood. I’m a born “storyteller” and humanitarian committed to creating a world where everyone knows they are a unique and important member of our society. I’m an Artist to my soul, having received a bachelor of music from the Berklee College of Music with a dual degree in Songwriting and Professional Music with concentrations in music business and music production. As well as a Master degree form Berklee NYC in Musical theater writing and design. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without the arts and the world desperately needs more creatives.I learned from a young age that not every kid gets to experience the arts, that made me extremely sad and pushed me to create this organization at the age of 14.The goal is to break down the barrier so more kids can experience what the arts have to provide and find their own voice. 

Mission: To preserve the arts, the creatives from whom they flow, and secure universal access to them.
Vision: To influence a World where the arts and artists are nurtured, valued and freely available to all.

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