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Music Mentorship Connection

One of the Greatest gifts we can give is to share our talents with others.In that spirit Access 2 the Arts would like to invite our large network of dancers, musicians and other artists to offer to mentor a child in their community by giving them lessons free of charge. If you connect with us we can offer a receipt you can use on your tax return that compensates for your gift. This is a simple and powerful way to expand Access 2 the arts to everyone. Please email us or use our contact page below to share the details of your mentorship + Mentee (Pictures would be greatly appreciate to put in a collage to share the power of our partnership)

Instrument For Children

Mission: To preserve the arts, the creatives from whom they flow, and secure universal access to them.
Vision: To influence a World where the arts and artists are nurtured, valued and freely available to all.

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