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Minds of all kinds

The foundation of the story reflects that our World is designed with a neurotypical mindset which sets up a less than optimal even toxic environment for neurodiverse individuals.  Being measured against standards that make them feel “less than” or “defective” undermines their identity, confidence, and sense of belonging.  Humans are tribal by nature so being a valued member of our community is essential to our wellbeing.  Many symptoms we see in our society today can be linked to a lack of belonging and not feeling “seen, valued and heard” so there is a significant benefit to society to actively seek to make changes.  Imagine a world with less anxiety, depression, self-harm, suicide, homelessness, substance abuse and under achievement that comes from us creating awareness, acceptance, inclusion and ultimately belonging for “minds of all kinds” when we take them into account when we design our World rather than require them to identify themselves and ask for adaptations.


Mission: To preserve the arts, the creatives from whom they flow, and secure universal access to them.
Vision: To influence a World where the arts and artists are nurtured, valued and freely available to all.

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